Pipeline Inspection System

Fully integrated inspection solution for municipality, water & sewerage, new construction, industrial, commercial & private application environments.

What can we do?

Utilizing our fully integrated and self-contained mainline inspection system, we report the condition and integrity of network services to assist our customers in managing their pipeline assets more effectively.

IPEK “Flexi-View” full 360 degree pan and tilt colour camera on a four/six wheel drive steerable tractor enables us to locate and record defects in sewer & stormwater pipes, culverts, drains, tanks and vessels etc. An inbuilt sonde within the tractor allows accurate position and depth location of services via handheld receivers above ground.

Complimented with WinCan V8 reporting software, our system provides accredited coding of defects to WSA 05-2008 standard (Conduit Inspection Reporting Code of Australia).

Our fully equipped mobile CCTV van accommodates all facets of the inspection process. From pre-inspection OH&S SWMS to post-inspection report generation and disc burning, all tasks are completed for the customer while on the job-site.



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