Nu Flow


Do you have drainage issues? Would you prefer a less invasive form of repair, rather than digging up your yard?

The Nuflow system is designed to repair pipes under surfaces you don’t want to destroy and solves most problems with leaking sewerage pipes, leaking stormwater pipes and leaking water pipes without having to excavate any surface resulting in minimal disruption.

The Nuflow liner can be installed as short as a metre and as long as 50 metres and 40mm to 1000mm in diameter. It can be stopped and started in sections of piping as required. We can reline vertical or horizontal, square, rectangular or round pipes that or pvc, earthenware or clay, asbestos, galvanised steel, cast iron, copper, concrete and HDPE.

The seamless liner prevents infiltration and ex-filtration, restores structural integrity, and eliminates joints that can weaken and allow root intrusion and ground waters/ penetration etc.

Symptoms of a blocked drain

    • After flushing, toilets fill up then recede slowly
    • Drainage may overflow outside
    • Bad sewer odour
    • Water fills up and recedes slowly in sinks

What causes my drains to become blocked?

  • Drains may block due to deteriorated physical condition
  • They may be in satisfactory condition but have been abused by flushing away foreign items that should never be placed into the sewerage system (i.e. plastic bags, kids toys, disposable nappies)Excessive disposal of cooking fats and oils, along with other domestic products and DIY materials such as plaster, can cause blockage of the pipe work
  • Tree roots entering a broken drain can also be a problem
  • Ground movement

Our inspection and survey will jet clean your pipes, removing any blockages and enabling a clear view and assessment of the section that is blocked.










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